Pet Portrait Tips

Primping at the Dog Show


Going to the grooming salon can be expensive, so an at-home spa day for your four legged friend may be a good option. Although dogs and cats prefer to be bathed in warm water, the garden hose is an easy way to get the job done quickly without making a mess in the bathroom provided it is seasonable outside and the water is not ice cold. Gently trickle water over your four-legged friend until he or she is  comfortable with the situation. Make sure to give he or she lots of praise and pats. When your four-legged friend is completely wet, lather in a pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner and follow any directions on the bottle. Rinse again carefully, avoiding any soap in the eyes. When all shampoo has been washed off, pat dry with a thick towel and allow your four legged friend to relax somewhere warm. Personal hair dryers are too hot to be used on our canine or feline friends, so a towel and air dry is recommended.


For dogs or cats with long coats, we recommend thoroughly brushing your pet with an appropriate pet  hair brush to remove any shedding hair, mats, and tangles. Brushing your dog or cat after a bath as well as the day of the photo shoot will help your four-legged friend look his or her finest!

The Day of

6947625186_9c19039aff_kA tired pet is a behaved pet, so make sure to take your four-legged friend for a walk or let him or her out for a good romp before the session. It’s also a good idea to feed your four-legged friend less at least a few hours before the shoot to help keep energy levels manageable and encourage good behavior! When a dog is a little hungry, they will be more inclined to behave for treats.

What to Bring

  • Plastic potty bags
  • Some favorite treats
  • Brush or comb
  • Water bowl & water bottle
  • Small squeaky toy
  • Towel for any mess clean-up

Colorful or ornate collars, toys, and props can add a lot 7091485507_36bdf0a51f_hof personality to your session and help to tell the story of your beloved pet. Leather, brightly colored classic toys (such as red balls, rope toys, tennis balls for larger dogs, and bone-shaped treats), sparkly name tags, and cute accessories look great on camera. Some even go as far as to paint their four-legged friends nails! Please feel free to ask us for advice and tips on what would help your four-legged friend to look absolutely woof-derful.