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Fetch for the Go Pro

This weekend we went back to the dog park and tried out the Fetch. Basically, it’s a harness with 2 attachments to mount the Go Pro. We set up Loki with the camera on his back and let him run wild at the dog park.

We had a terrible time getting it to stay put. Most of the footage was completely unusable. The harness kept sliding off to one side. Loki was running full-out and the rig was bouncing all over the place. The footage kind of reminded me of the view from inside the Tasmanian Devil whirlwind.

A few of My Favorite Things – Photo Challenge #1

This weekend I decided to kick start my New Years Challenge and complete my first photoshoot; with a lot of help from my husband Bob.

I chose the first and in my estimation easiest of my setups. The idea was simply to arrange and photograph a few of my favorite things as a way to help people get to know me better.

This was a lot harder than I had anticipated. First condensing my personality and all the things that I am into in a single photo wasn’t easy.

Taking Stills with a Go Pro

After my last post about using the Go Pro at the dog park I started thinking how I could use this to take still images? We always send out holiday cards and I decided this year we would use pictures from the dog park.

Before buying the Go Pro, pulling stills from video didn’t result in the best quality pictures. Especially if you are like me and try to do everything the hard way, rather than buying expensive software for something you rarely use.

Go Pro at the Dog Park

One of the fun things about being a photographer today is all the new and creative devices you can use. I remember as a child getting my first film camera and waiting days to get my images back. I hoarded my film and only took a picture if the shot was just what I wanted.

Now I can literally take thousands of digital images and print them instantly on my very own photo printer. We were in the mall last weekend talking to a drone pilot who makes money shooting video. It really is amazing what you can do with cameras today.

Taking a Self Portrait

Ok confession time, I am horrible when it comes to getting my picture taken. I’ve never liked the way I look in them and can pick them apart endlessly. Being able to post process them myself helps but I can’t help being uncomfortable when a camera is pointed my way. I think this makes me relate better to my subjects who are camera shy. Believe me when I say I feel your pain.

Knowing a few tricks can be empowering. I’ve noticed that my eyes look sleepy or heavy in photos and it’s harder and harder not to blink the longer the session goes on.

Loki Photo booth Session

It’s been raining here all weekend. Bob, me, and our two dogs are going stir crazy. Time to break out the dog treats and the camera and have some fun.

Shadow has learned that when the camera comes out she gets lots of treats and she is one food motivated dog. So when the bag comes out Shadow goes bandannas. She went full diva trying to push Loki out of the way so she could soak up all the praise for herself. She is so spoiled. Hence the reason we have 2 dogs in the photos below and not just the one I had intended.

What makes a great photographer

I’ve been tinkering with cameras and doodling in sketch books for as long as I can remember. I taught myself to draw by freezing my favorite Disney movies and sketching the characters on screen in one of my mothers’ old sketch books.

I devoured books on drawing and cartooning. Learning to draw forced me to pay attention to perspective and learn how to force perspective to make the images I was drawing more compelling. I learned to use the entire canvas instead of focusing on just the center of the frame.

The time is now

I have literally been meaning to do this for years. I love to write and the idea of a public journal where I can share my thoughts and ideas has always appealed to me. But that nagging voice in my head kept telling me I didn’t have anything to say people would want to hear.

I know this isn’t true. Sometimes I have so much I want to say it’s hard to even know where to begin. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the timing is never a perfect, things don’t just fall into place when the time is right, so I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and jump in with both feet.

Houston World Series of Dog Shows 2015

Good evening friends and dog lovers alike.

Since our visit last year the show has been renamed to, Houston World Series of Dog Shows. The show format was very similar to last years. The show started on Wednesday and finished Sunday. All the preliminary rings and judging took place prior to Saturday and instead they chose to have meet the breeds over the weekend. This year we decided to forgo meet the breeds and instead wandered around the vendor and rescues booths and people/dog watch.

I need to speak about parking and food. Everything at Reliant park is done with cash. They have an ATM in the convention hall which helps but there is always a long line. We came with cash and that really made things easier. You pay $10 for parking, $15 per adult for tickets to the show, and lunch was a whopping $33 for the two of us. We had a sad BB’Q sandwich, a loaded baked potato, chips, a cookie, water, and a coke. I suggest eat before you get there.