Playing with Perspective

This is photo challenge #2 on my New Years list.  This challenge I expected to be more of a practical effect but what I found was, unless you want to invest a lot of time into building miniatures, this is going to require some Photoshop skills.

What I found interesting were the issues I had with depth of field. I ended up taking two shots of each “picture.” One where the foreground was in focus (Deadpool) and one where my background was in focus. For example, you can see where the images below could work with a little trickery. If I’d had something on the same scale as my model for him to stand on or partially behind and some fishing line I might have had something.

A toy car would have been really fun. I could have had him driving the drag strip. If nothing else, it was fun watching the looks of confusion from the people around me.


Below is my favorite retouched image, followed by the original. Gotta love the PS cloning tools:

IMG_2406-NHRA Retouched


My best results actually came from using the GoPro. I really enjoyed slowing down the video and playing with the frame rate. You can quite easily create a stop motion effect by slowing  everything down and only using a few frames per second.