Fetch for the Go Pro

This weekend we went back to the dog park and tried out the Fetch. Basically, it’s a harness with 2 attachments to mount the Go Pro. We set up Loki with the camera on his back and let him run wild at the dog park.

We had a terrible time getting it to stay put. Most of the footage was completely unusable. The harness kept sliding off to one side. Loki was running full-out and the rig was bouncing all over the place. The footage kind of reminded me of the view from inside the Tasmanian Devil whirlwind.

Switching from the mount on his back to the in front improved the angle so you could see more. However, all the motion makes it hard to watch. When the puppy is still the image is beautiful. Even just pausing the movie, the image quality is still really sharp. That amazed me. The camera is really incredible for freezing motion. It is possible to slow it down or even take stills. Like this one of the squirrel the dogs chased up a tree:


I have seen some pretty amazing footage taken using a fetch like this couple who used it to film their wedding:


Here’s the condensed footage from our test run:

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