A few of My Favorite Things – Photo Challenge #1

This weekend I decided to kick start my New Years Challenge and complete my first photoshoot; with a lot of help from my husband Bob.

I chose the first and in my estimation easiest of my setups. The idea was simply to arrange and photograph a few of my favorite things as a way to help people get to know me better.

This was a lot harder than I had anticipated. First condensing my personality and all the things that I am into in a single photo wasn’t easy.

I started with the things that I love to do yoga, drawing, traveling, scuba diving, and sewing. Then I collected a few of my favorite things like my favorite mug, peppermint tea, books I love, and my favorite boots. I included dog collars for each of my dogs. Our wedding rings and a necklace we bought when we went to St. Thomas for our wedding are sitting on my ipad.

After that the real trick was getting the shot from directly above. The actual square was only 4 feet by 4 feet but it was big enough that you needed some distance to actually get everything into frame.

In order to actually get far enough out I had my husband who is quite tall stand on a step ladder and hold the camera out as far as he could so that it would be centered looking straight down. I don’t know how many of you have tried calisthenics but holding any weight at the end of an outstretched arm is really, really hard.

Bob had to hold the camera out as far as he could, snap the shutter and then hold the camera completely still long enough for the camera to focus capture the shot.

All-in-all this probably took an hour to set up and complete. I gotta say this makes me happy and I’m thinking this is something I should do every few years as my interests change and visit new places.

Next time I’m going to use more lighting to make sure the camera can obtain focus faster and eliminate all the shadows. I also think this would be a great use for my white vinyl backdrop.