New Years 2016

I know this is the time of year everyone starts making resolutions. Resolutions tend to be really generic and have no real deadlines. You tell yourself “this year I’m really going to buckle down and do XY or Z” but you don’t actually put anything on your calendar or make any plans.

This year I decided I am going to use my blog posts to keep me accountable and set myself some short term goals to help me become a better photographer. And hopefully have a lot of fun.

I have been keeping a board on Pinterest with photos that make me want to get out my camera and experiment. The set ups are fun and all of them can be done at home and on a budget. The potential is there to create something really new and wonderful.

I’ve decided to pick 12 set-ups and push myself to complete a new one each month for the next year.

The 12 set-ups are as follows in no particular order:

  1. My “self portrait” told as a picture of all my favorite things. Here is my inspiration curtsey of thingsorganizedneatly tumblr_mr0pywLiuC1qbycdbo1_1280
  2. Forced Perspective – this technique is used in movies all the time and I’ve always wanted to see if I could recreate this effect. My inspiration curtsey of this how-to from PetaPixel :forced perspective
  3. Tiny Hero – fun with action figures. This had me running to the closet to find my old dolls curtsey of Indulgdtiny heros
  4. Levitation – I have seen several tutorials on how to do this and I’ve wanted to do Alice falling down the rabbit hole for ages. Something like this one from PetaPixelLevitation
  5. Peek-a-boo – love the idea of framing inside a photograph and this technique uses either a hole in a fence or door to focus attention on your subject. I especially love these one from Can You See Me Now? Can-You-See-Me-Now
  6. Owner Dog look-a-likes – I’ve seen this done a variety of ways and I keep teasing Bob I’m going to grow out shadows beard to match his. Heres my inspiration from Express.co69532
  7. Stop Motion Animation – This one may be too much to tackle in 4 weeks but I’ve always wanted to try it so I’m including it on my list. When I saw this short done with action figures it occured to me I could so something similar: 
  8. 3d shot as 2d – I have seen a variety of these and they look like so much fun to shoot. This one came from SLRLoungehillstm_science_plantm_puppy_kitten_-_hillstm_science_plantm_puppy_kitten_campaign_-_3_of_3_-_balloon_-_red_fuse_prague_-_prague_401310217_aotw
  9. Cartoony – Inspired by Jimmy the bull. I can’t begin to tell you how happy these pictures make me. It’s a blend of cartooning and photography and it’s fantastic: jimmychoo
  10. Freeze Action – Working with fast shutter speeds to catch water falling, people dancing, dogs playing ect. One of my favorite uses of this technique comes from Carli Davidson:Shake_Puppies_photography_book_Carli_Davidson_03
  11. Fan Art – recreate a favorite scene from a movie or a book using props and imagery. I would like to try something like this series from Wendi Riggens:WendiRiggens
  12. Dia de los Muertos – I am sure a lot of would people find a festival celebrating death morbid but I’ve always seen it as remembering those who we loved and lost. When I saw this series from Tim Tadder I knew I wanted to do something to inspired by Dia de los Muertos:dayofthedead

Be looking for my first photo in the next couple weeks!

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