Go Pro at the Dog Park

One of the fun things about being a photographer today is all the new and creative devices you can use. I remember as a child getting my first film camera and waiting days to get my images back. I hoarded my film and only took a picture if the shot was just what I wanted.

Now I can literally take thousands of digital images and print them instantly on my very own photo printer. We were in the mall last weekend talking to a drone pilot who makes money shooting video. It really is amazing what you can do with cameras today.

Saturday Bob, me, and our two dogs Shadow and Loki went to the dog park. Bob and I are still learning to use our Go Pro so we thought this would be a good test run. My favorite clips from our outing I compiled into the movie below.

I can see where this would be a great way to up sell for pet portraits. Imagine the possibilities! You could even do underwater shots in the pool like Seth Casteel, another of my faves.

A harness for the dogs eye view is definitely on my wish list.