Taking a Self Portrait

Ok confession time, I am horrible when it comes to getting my picture taken. I’ve never liked the way I look in them and can pick them apart endlessly. Being able to post process them myself helps but I can’t help being uncomfortable when a camera is pointed my way. I think this makes me relate better to my subjects who are camera shy. Believe me when I say I feel your pain.

Knowing a few tricks can be empowering. I’ve noticed that my eyes look sleepy or heavy in photos and it’s harder and harder not to blink the longer the session goes on.

To keep my eyes open and I would lift my eyebrows. This would make me look surprised. What I do now is lean into the camera and tuck my chin a little. This changes the perspective and makes my eyes look larger. I also close my eyes in between shots so they don’t get tired as quickly.

Tilting your head down can give you a double chin. Not a good look. So the fix for this is something called turtling. Which is exactly what it sounds like, you stretch out your neck which smooths the skin. It feels amazingly awkward but it looks great.

Good lighting is your friend and the right fill light, or a reflector, will erase the shadows under your chin and below your eyes.

Here were my best shots:

Self Portait

Self Portait



For more posing tips:

For my next post I am going to create a video documenting a pet photography session.