Loki Photo booth Session

It’s been raining here all weekend. Bob, me, and our two dogs are going stir crazy. Time to break out the dog treats and the camera and have some fun.

Shadow has learned that when the camera comes out she gets lots of treats and she is one food motivated dog. So when the bag comes out Shadow goes bandannas. She went full diva trying to push Loki out of the way so she could soak up all the praise for herself. She is so spoiled. Hence the reason we have 2 dogs in the photos below and not just the one I had intended.

On a suggestion from a dog trainer we know, we used popcorn to catch some great candids.

I loved the popcorn. It was super easy to photoshop out of the images, it’s not messy like peanut butter, and the dogs were both able to follow it with their eyes. I’ve tried a couple different things as a focus when working with dogs. Most dogs will respond to a squeaker the first couple times then they will ignore it. Food works great but then they want to come right up to you and then they are no longer in range for the camera.

It’s a lot like working with children in that their attention span is short and they are easily distracted. They tire quickly, so speed is KEY.  Having an assistant to show them the treats and make them sit is a huge help. Thank you Bob!




After shooting these I really want to invest in some additional strobe lights so that I can do more action shots. Thankfully both dogs would stand still right before the treats started flying. I was able to work with my wonderful assistant and capture some great shots even with only one flash and almost no ambient light.

A second light would really punch up these photos, add more detail, and help with the shadowing on the face. For my photog friends looking to up their game; you can find some amazing classes on CreativeLive. If you haven’t been on their website what are you waiting for? They have free live classes:


For my next project I will be updating my head shot. I love the idea of posing with some of my equipment. Maybe doing something fun and candid like this series featuring Angelina:

aj 4up with camera