Houston World Series of Dog Shows 2015

Good evening friends and dog lovers alike.

Since our visit last year the show has been renamed to, Houston World Series of Dog Shows. The show format was very similar to last years. The show started on Wednesday and finished Sunday. All the preliminary rings and judging took place prior to Saturday and instead they chose to have meet the breeds over the weekend. This year we decided to forgo meet the breeds and instead wandered around the vendor and rescues booths and people/dog watch.

I need to speak about parking and food. Everything at Reliant park is done with cash. They have an ATM in the convention hall which helps but there is always a long line. We came with cash and that really made things easier. You pay $10 for parking, $15 per adult for tickets to the show, and lunch was a whopping $33 for the two of us. We had a sad BB’Q sandwich, a loaded baked potato, chips, a cookie, water, and a coke. I suggest eat before you get there.

There were the same number of booths but less Rescues and fewer adoptable dogs this year. We surmise lack of volunteers to man the booths and pay for space. We took some really wonderful pictures and ran into some friends we had made the previous year.

There were a lot of people that came with their four-legged friends. It made the trip worth it just to see that. We love all breeds and we saw lots of Whippets and Italian Greyhounds, especially at the rescue booth. We have been contemplating adopting a whippet for a while now. Seeing them just makes it that much harder to wait. Poodle Rescue of Houston was also there, along with Pug Hearts. We have done volunteer work for all of these organizations so it was nice to be able to reconnect with them. I think Pug Hearts had more adoptable dogs this year pug pen was quite full much to the delight of the visitors.

We always enjoy going to the show and we spent 4.5 hours just walking around this year. They had plenty of agility dogs and different kinds of entertainment. We feel if you are ever looking for a four-legged friend this event offers a wealth of information and the ability to interact with different breeds and talk to their handlers.

Learn about the different breeds and meet them in person. You will get so much more from the experience than watching Animal Planet or reading a book. Who knows you might even get lucky and find the friend you want to take home.