World Series of Dog Show 2014

This year they have renamed the Houston Dog Show to World Series of Dog Shows. I suppose people don’t realize the magnitude of the competition at the dog show. We met competitors from literally all over the world.

I love to walk around the grooming tables and seeing all the various dog breeds. You’d be amazed how much primping is done with the dogs before they enter the show ring. I find it amazing that the person showing the dog might catch a nap in a large dog kennel and then spend hours prepping their dog to look their best.

I watched the westies get put in what looked like a kitty litter box filled with baby powder. They are then powdered to make them look perfectly white head to toe. Dogs with long hair have their long tresses wrapped in fabric and pinned up to keep it from getting tangled. The amount of care required for an enormous afghan hound is frankly mind boggling. And watching a tiny chihuahua being endlessly fussed over is completely adorable.

This area is also ideal for taking photos as the dogs are freshly clipped and standing in their show pose at eye level. I had a blast walking around and taking photos and petting doggies.