World Series of Dog Shows 2013

My husband and I just moved to Houston last month. We heard about the dog show online and knew we wanted to go. This event was a great way to learn about what is available in the Houston area for dog lovers. We meet several rescue groups, some we knew about but many we had never heard of. Who knew there were enough Labs to need a Lab rescue? We also got to meet many of the dog kennels and daycares, dog trainers, and all the vendors.

We put Shadow on a dog-sized treadmill which was hilarious. She absolutely hated it until the hot dogs appeared. Then all the sudden she was ready to run. She is such a chow hound.  Another vendor had a life jacket designed specifically to keep a dogs head above water. It looked like the poor dog got his head stuck in an innertube, but I could see how that would be more useful than a typical jacket that would only keep the dog from sinking. The amount of bling was staggering. I had no idea so many  people wanted collars and leads with crystals on them.

Below are some images of the people and dogs that we met. If you have never been to a dog show I highly recommend it.